Family Fun in the Snow!

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Mar 22, 2010

Just got a trip report from Outdoor Afro Christyna Serrano, who decided to head to the Tahoe region in California last week for some end-of-season fun in the snow with her family:

So why did you guys decide on a trip to Tahoe?
Well… Joseph, owed me one, so I cashed in my IOU! We went up Thursday night,  and it took about 3 hours from the San Francisco Bay. We spent the night at a cheap hotel and in the morning, we went to Kmart, picked up a $15 plastic sled, and then found this place for sledding on Yelp: Adventure Mountain. And it was another $15 dollars to park the car.
A great deal! What was the set-up like?
There were about 10 different runs for sledding varying in size, e.g., S, M, L, and we were on a medium size slope. This was a great deal because sledding at one of the Ski Resorts, e.g., Heavenly, Sierra Ridge, etc., is super expensive!
We spent a couple of hours there sledding, playing with the snow by building a snowman, and throwing some snowballs at each other. Joseph had a great time even though he’s never had a desire to head up to the snow. Caelan, obviously, had a blast.
Caelan Sledding in Tahoe 2010 from Christyna Serrano on Vimeo.
He loved it so much that he had put some snow in his sweat shirt pocket. While we were chillin a little later by the lake, I noticed that his sweats were wet. It almost looked like he had peed in his pants. We then noticed that he had tried to save some snow! It was so funny. We had to take it out of his pocket and explain to him that you can’t save snow.
What do you recommend to others who might want to take a trek to the mountains?
Now is the perfect time of year to go to Tahoe and get your ski/sled on. It’s the end of the season so the crowds were not there, thus making for cheaper lodging; the snow is still there, but the spring time warmth is in the air so that it actually feels hot when your on the slopes; and the area is just absolutely gorgeous at this time of year.
Christyna is a graduate student at UC Berkeley and lives with her son and fiancé Joseph in the San Francisco Bay Area.