She’s So Fly

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Mar 29, 2010

that it almost makes me fly to be on the same blog page as her…

Momma and Miss J

I’m talking about Ms. Bar B., fellow Cal student and mom extraordinaire. I credit her as a key instigator who opened a window into the world of “blogging while black”, but most importantly she helped to re-awaken in me what was there all along: a genuine desire to connect people with resources that make a positive difference in their lives. Since starting Outdoor Afro almost a year ago, she has represented a steady stream of encouragement and support; from commenting on my posts (when nobody else would), to catching my embarrassing typos and telling me about them!
So, while she has given me an award on her own blog: A Place of Comfort,  I have to say this is one we both share!
Here’s back at YOU Ms. Barbara! Thanks for being so wonderful — even when you don’t think anyone is looking!