Urban Hiking with the Beckwourth Outdoors Club

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Jun 13, 2010

Photos courtesy of Andrea Juarez

Many participants in the Outdoor Afro community are long-standing members of Beckwourth Outdoors, a Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides year-round outdoor activities for kids and adults and educates the public about the contributions made by people-of-color in the West. The organization was founded in 1993 as the James P. Beckwourth Mountain Club, and now they are commonly known as simply Beckwourth Outdoors.

Winston Walker just sent Outdoor Afro some fun photos from a recent rainy day urban ramble walk with fellow Beckwourth Outdoors members in the Lower Highland neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. This walk has been a tradition for the club since 1999.
Walker says, “the rain just added something special to our 4-mile walk to view eclectic architecture and beautiful residential and community gardens.”  The group poked their heads into the local shops and picked up snacks along the way, weaving in and out of art districts, business districts, former mining town areas, and historic districts that tell the story of early growth in the West.
We appreciate hearing stories of outings like this one as an example of outdoor enjoyment that doesn’t require trekking miles away from where one might live — that local, urban spaces are just as important to appreciate and explore as unchartered back country. Hike on Beckwourth!
For more information about this dynamic organization, visit their website!