Outdoor Time With Jarid Manos: Ghetto Plainsman

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on May 17, 2011

It was a gift to spend time last weekend with visiting outdoor pioneer Jarid Manos, author of Ghetto Plainsman. Jarid writes poignantly in his book about his coming of age and the ways the outdoors was a catalyst for change in his own life. As Executive Director of the Great Plains Restoration Council in Texas, Jarid has inspired an innovative movement for those most at-risk in our communities, such as those incarcerated, to find healing and purpose through ecological restoration and a genuine connection to the earth.
Local Ecotherapist Phoenix Smith helped make our in-person connection, and we all enjoyed a brisk and windy Sunday hike along the shore of the San Francisco Bay near where I live. We were just in time to catch the sunset as we reached the man-made jetty pictured below.

Then Jarid turned the camera on me! Apologies in advance for my wildly distracting hair!
Learn more about Jarid Manos by visiting his rich website and purchasing his book!