A Couple Discovers Mount Lemmon, Arizona

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Oct 16, 2011

Eliss Jackson shared on facebook a photo where she was recently SOS (Spotted on Sunday). I asked her to share more, so here is her wonderful report (Thanks Eliss!):
This month, my fiancé Joseph and I rented a log cabin on Mt. Lemmon. We went because we needed a break from this chaos called “life,” and we wanted to relax. With us both working demanding jobs, coupled with me going back to school…and planning a wedding, stress has been knocking on our back door.

We’re both lovers of nature, and live in Arizona that has many outdoor activities to offer, and we enjoy taking advantage of them. I fell in love with Mt. Lemmon the first time Joseph took me in August of this year. Mt. Lemmon’s beauty is one that can’t be described; you just have to go and visit to see why we are now so addicted to it!

What I can say is that our infatuation with this place is partly based on the fact that we seem to experience a spiritual connection to the land — there is this one place in particular called “Inspirational Rock,” which sits 9,000 ft in the air (so it’s a bit of a drive and hike up), and when you reach the apex, you feel as though you have a connection with God.
While on a “spiritual high,” you can also receive a physical high because you will definitely workout your body via hiking the plethora of hills!  It’s also a great area for running and cycling, as many athletes reside on the mountain for training purposes.

Also, the community is very welcoming on Mt. Lemmon. People just love to enjoy nature, relax, and have a good time. Joseph and I will definitely travel to Mt. Lemmon again for another stay. Until then, we’re looking forward to picking apples from an apple orchard in Wilcox, AZ during later this month and our hike through the Grand Canyon after that! Stay tuned for more!
Where were YOU Spotted on Sunday?