Outdoor Afro is a KEEN Ambassador!

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Apr 3, 2012

Ranked #1 Hiking Shoe by Outdoor Afros!

Courtesy of Keen

What began as a quest for the perfect protective sandal, KEEN Footwear is now a pioneer in both outdoor gear and positive change. Outfitting nature-goers for 9 years, KEEN has always promoted a HybridLife, encouraging nature activity while giving back to our planet and global communities.
In an effort to promote “play” and a general slow down, KEEN has reclaimed recess, providing tools to add a breath of fresh air to every day.
Outdoor Afro is proud to partner with KEEN and applaud them for granting us the ability to navigate nature comfortably and with style! And it’s so cool that KEEN has expressed a commitment to connecting diverse audiences to the outdoors. We are so glad to be involved!
Please check out KEEN Footwear and the other KEEN ambassadors!