Introducing the Outdoor Afro Leadership Team for 2013!

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Published on Apr 17, 2013

OALT 2013

Introducing the Outdoor Afro Leadership Team for 2013!

A human rights attorney in San Francisco, a mom in Memphis, and an accountant from Chicago have something important in common…

They are a part of the Outdoor Afro Leadership Team to reconnect African Americans in their community back to nature! A total of 13 individuals were hand-picked out of a generous pool of applicants from around the United States to join the team. This 2013 class represents a variety of backgrounds, outdoor expertise, and key urban centers from around the country. Continuing the success of the previous pilot year, each leader is tasked to help expand the national Outdoor Afro network by leading trips, sharing experiences via social media, and forging partnerships with relevant outdoor organizations and groups.
Think: nature ambassadors.

This weekend, the new and returning leaders are gathering in person for the first time on a leadership fellowship for an innovative partnership and training in the woodlands of Northern California near Lucerne. Leaders will receive a crash course in trip planning, conservation themes, risk management, social media, and policy supported by leaders from non-profits, leading outdoor industry companies, and generous crowd-funding through Indiegogo.


As you know, Outdoor Afro began as a social media site to celebrate and inspire African American connections to nature. Now more than ever African Americans need a stronger connection to nature for both our health and to support a sustainable environment in our communities. The strength of the team lies in their ability to help families feel welcome and supported in active nature activities close to home.


We are so proud of this natural and timely expression of our mission that values connecting people to locally relevant outdoor opportunities led by everyday people who have a passion for nature.


The 2013 Leaders:

    • Alisha Pye, Los Angeles, CA – Mother of two and Pilates instructor
    • Beky Branagan, Cary, NC – Girl Scout leader and environmental educator
    • Clay Anderson, Bay Area, CA – Former park naturalist, ecologist, and artist
    • Clif DeBride, Portland, OR – Medical school student, and certified backcountry leadership instructor
    • Clifton Sorrell, Richmond, CA – Father of five; landscape architect and Boy Scout Leader
    • Melissa Danielle, Brooklyn, NY – Health coach and organic food buying club organizer
    • Nkrumah Frasier, Hattiesburg, MS – Father and environmental scientist
    • Reginald Mitchell, Atlanta, GA – US Military veteran, and Director of “We Love To Hike”
    • Tan Scarborough, Memphis TN –Mother of two, beauty consultant and daycare owner
    • Teresa Baker, Bay Area, CA – Housing coordinator and National Park champion
    • Vi Yeboah, Chicago, Ill – Accountant, auditor, beach lover, and conservationist
    • Victoria Evans, Pittsburgh, PA – Active grandmother and employee of the USDA Forest Service
    • Zoe Polk, San Francisco, CA – Outdoor enthusiast and human rights attorney

We would like to thank our sponsor staff and volunteers for their generous time, creativity, and resources to make this idea come to life!
REI, KEEN Footwear, Clif Bar, The Sierra Club, Swarovski Optik, The National Parks, Dr. Carolyn Finney, Dr. Nina Roberts, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Toyota Audubon Together Green, National Wildlife Federation – CaliforniaDanielle Moody-Mills, and the many generous donors who supported us via Indiegogo – THANK YOU!
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