Outdoor Afro Partner Spotlight–David Munk, KEEN Footwear

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Jul 29, 2014

Who are Outdoor Afro’s partners? What do these partnership mean? 
We are asked these types of questions frequently, and in response, decided to launch a short series of brand partner spotlights to share how they work with Outdoor Afro, and the passionate people who drive them.
In 2012, founder Rue Mapp was delighted to receive a call from David Munk of KEEN who was interested in learning how more people could connect with KEEN, and to the outdoors overall. Since then, Dave Munk has passionately supported Outdoor Afro’s efforts to get more folks outdoors. His knowledge, experience, and support are essential to Outdoor Afro in many ways, including the outfitting of our leadership team with durable footwear and sharing valuable information about safe and comfortable outdoor adventure. We caught up with David to talk a bit about himself, the KEEN brand, and our partnership.
How long have you been at KEEN?
7+ years now.  
How did you become interested in the outdoors/Outdoor Retail industry?
When I was a kid my folks took me skiing and I was immediately hooked.  But we weren’t a family who could afford to go but maybe once a year, so I got a job in a ski shop and have been working in the outdoor industry ever since.  
What excites you the most about working for KEEN?
One of the hats I wear at KEEN is managing our Ambassador program.  This allows me to meet a ton of awe-inspiring people from all different walks of life.  We have a policy here at KEEN that every ambassador is required to give back to the community they live, work or play in.  We don’t choose how they give back, that’s up to them.  So I end up working some of the most amazing people who are creating positive change all over the planet.  
What excites you about KEEN’s partnership with Outdoor Afro?
I love how Outdoor Afro works with local ambassadors around the country to connect communities to the outdoors.  They do a great job, not only providing education and experiences but in the end they make what seems intangible for some very tangible. That’s an incredible accomplishment and it makes me proud to be even a small part of it.  
Munk Ski
How do you see your products facilitating people’s outdoor experiences, especially first timers?
KEEN has a wide array of products to offer for men, women and the kiddos.  Whether you’re headed for a light trail hike, a backcountry adventure or stomping around in tons of water, KEEN has something that’s functional and made to be durable and comfortable.  We also make some really cool styles for kicking down the boulevard too.  
What is something people might not know about you and/or KEEN?
The people that work at KEEN are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work beside.  It’s not just about product when you work here KEEN, it’s more than that.  I can honestly and wholeheartedly say the team of people here really care about creating positive change in the world.  
The Munks
How can people learn more about KEEN and your mission?
Best place to go is the website – www.keenfootwear.com  You can see our product there but take a look at the Who We Are and Hybrid.Care sections of the website.  It talks about the nonprofits we work with around the globe and gives a pretty good description of what we’re up to as a brand.
Thanks David and KEEN for such a fun partnership!
What is your favorite style of KEENS?