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Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Jun 27, 2015

Earth, Wind and Fire blasting on the speakers. Children running through sprinklers. Flip Flops. Dominoes. And the delicious smell of marinated meat and veggies on the grill. Is anyone else ready for Fourth of July barbecuing?
From the family reunion to the beach party, Outdoor Afro has got you covered on incorporating environmental stewardship into our outdoor grilling fun.

cook what you bring eat what you cook

Grill what you bring, eat what you grill.

 Coordinate with the host to ensure that there is appropriate amount of perishable food for a group your size. By bringing appropriate portion and ensuring that no perishable items are discarded, you can significantly reduce the amount of end of the day waste.

 reusable containers
Bring food in reusable containers. 

Pre-making your famous cole slaw or your sumptious fruit salad? Pick out a favorite bowl or platter from home to complement your special dish and reduce single use waste. Just dont forget it when you leave!

Bring or locate recycling containers. 

Many picnic sites have recycling bins which can be easily accessed by party goers. When hosting an event, make sure to locate them and advise your guests to utilize them. If the park does not provide recycling bin, convert a large box or multiple paper bags into recycling receptacles. After the bbq is over, you can easily drive these items to your nearest recycling center.

compostable materials
Use compostable or paper materials.

Compostable utensils, cups, plates, and other necessary bbq items can be found at your local grocery store. Make sure #refusesingleuse plastics.

 no plastic water bottles
Picnic near a clean drinking water source.

 Fill up your #KleanKanteen or other resuable bottle at the nearby water fountain

 clean up when youre done
Leave No Trace. 

Whether hosting or attending, do your part to ensure the picnic area is left cleaner than when you arrived. #LNT


 Reduce your carbon footprint and arrive in style by coordinating a carpool. Also, the folks who hit too much of #UncleDenzel’s punch will need a designated driver.


Outdoor Afro wishes you and your family a happy and sustainable Fourth of July weekend!

reusable cups