#WhitneyHiking: Finding Your Greatest Love of All in Nature

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Jul 13, 2015

#WhitneyHiking: the act of being your full, entire self in nature and claiming a green (or California brown) space for your own.

#WhitneyHiking may include foraging for beauty on a nature walk, a laughter filled trek up a local summit, and/or singing Whitney Houston songs on the hiking trail.

Written By National Program Director Zoë Polk
In advance of our upcoming journey to the summit of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States,  Outdoor Afro is proud to launch its #WhitneyHiking campaign. On August 13-16, 2015, African Americans around the country are encouraged to hit the trail and find the Greatest Love of All in nature.
“WhitneyHiking is a special call for Outdoor Afros, including every child, every man, and Every Woman, – even if your Name is Not Susan, to summit the mountain in their lives.” said Outdoor Afro founder and CEO, Rue Mapp. “We know that Our Love is Your Love because of the thousands of individuals who engage with us via social media and through their regional Outdoor Afro networks. We hope people will leverage #WhitneyHiking to enrich their relationship with the outdoors and their communities.”
Supported by REI, Keen, and Klean Kanteen, the #WhitneyHiking summit team is lead by Viva Yeboah, a four year member of the Outdoor Afro Leadership Team (OALT) based in Chicago.
“Planning, training, and next month, hiking Mount Whitney represents so much of what I cherish about being on the Outdoor Afro Leadership Team,” said Yeboah. “In Chicago, we’ve seen our base grow to over 1,000 outdoor enthusiasts, and to take this journey with people who’ve been invested in our network since the beginning is deeply meaningful. On the mountain, we will take it Step by Step and remember to take in the beauty around us as we Exhale.
The Mount Whitney Summit Team will also include all five of the founding members of the OALT, now in its fourth year, representing Outdoor Afro’s Bay Area California and North Carolina networks.
Below 14,505 feet, Outdoor Afro leaders across the country, from Washington DC to Atlanta to St. Louis to Los Angeles to Seattle, will be hosting #WhitneyHiking unity events, including nature walks, steep grade climbs and songful hikes. People who Wanna Hike With Somebody should join their local Outdoor Afro leaders or organize their own communities for solidarity hikes.


WE WANNA HIKE WITH SOMEBODY: Tell us where you’ll be #WhitneyHiking August 13-16, 2015

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