This Shirt Has Our Back! Oaklandish T-Shirts Will Go on Many Missions with Outdoor Afro!

Written By tpage

Published on May 31, 2017

The Outdoor Afro 2017 Leadership Team

The Outdoor Afro 2017 Leadership Team

The  other day at  Outdoor Afro headquarters we chatted about getting the best deal for office and promotional items. One staff member suggested we compare prices and shop online, but I was quickly reminded how local economies depend on people buying locally. And this is one big reason why working with Oaklandish to produce the Outdoor Afro leadership t-shirt has always felt like the right decision!
Kriste from Denver Rockin' Oaklandish

Kriste from Denver Rockin’ Oaklandish

As a not-for-profit organization, based out of my hometown of Oakland, it’s been terrific to work with the supportive staff of Oaklandish who not only produce great quality t-shirts and other gear, but also show appreciation for not-for-profits with a generous grant program.
The result is we were able to affordably pass on that Oakland business love on to our national leadership team training last month, where we hosted over 60 men and women near Washington, D.C., who use these shirts as their uniform and banner that celebrates and inspires African Americans in nature across nearly 30 states!
By now, most of our leaders have had a chance to use their shirts in action! And we had a chance to hear time and again that the style we selected is a hit! Along with looking snazzy, and photographing well, the Oaklandish t-shirts have also been comfortable for leaders to wear for all their outdoor adventures.

“This year’s leader tees may be the best we’ve ever had! Soft and comfy, and even though it’s cotton, it moves moisture well. An important benefit for all that leaders do!”  Beky, 6th year leader, NC

Thanks Oaklandish for helping us fulfill our mission with style!
For more information about Oaklandish, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, then pay a visit to their downtown Oakland store!




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