Tiffanie Page

Tiffanie Page specializes in digital design and marketing with Outdoor Afro. With 20-plus years of IT experience and 12 years in natural light photography in Alabama, Tiffanie helps small- to large-scale brands effectively tell their online stories to national audiences. Her web and graphic design work spans nonprofit, corporate, political, higher education, agriculture and outdoor industries. Tiffanie has collaborated with people of all walks of life and professions from farmers, authors and attorneys to CFOs, entrepreneurs and social influencers.

The Black Paddle Expedition

Every year, Outdoor Afro Volunteer Leaders from across the country come together to embark on incredible journeys where they engage in fellowship, explore connections to Black history, and celebrate Black joy in nature. In previous years, leaders have organized...

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Outdoor Afro x Nissan

Watch Outdoor Afro channel the tenacious spirit of York of the Lewis and Clark Expedition as we return to rugged and kayak 100 miles on the Missouri River in partnership with Nissan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msVsKwNqels

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