CLIF BAR was born on a bike and built with athletes in mind. In 1990 on a one-day, 175-mile bike ride — forever known as The Epiphany Ride — an exhausted and hungry Gary Erickson realized he couldn’t choke down another unappetizing energy bar. The idea for a better-tasting bar was born. Today, CLIF BAR continues to make organic, plant-based energy food that begins with a recipe and the latest nutrition science — and not just for performance. CLIF thoughtfully crafts its foods to help energize any moment, big or small. Family and employee-owned, the company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community, and the planet, too.

CLIF is guided by its values — its aspirations. Like striving to create a healthy and sustainable food system. Ensuring its brands and business are healthy so that the brand can do more good. And caring about the people, places, and communities it touches. The brand takes care of its people and their families because healthy, inspired people create delicious and nutritious food. From the volunteer work CLIF does locally to the way the brand sources ingredients globally, its commitment to the communities CLIF’s reach is an important part of who the brand is.