CLIF BAR® was born on a bike. In 1990, Gary Erickson set off on a 175-mile bike ride. Exhausted and hungry, he realized he couldn’t take another bite of the energy bars he brought along. In that moment he now calls ‘the epiphany,’ the idea to make a better tasting energy bar was born. Guided by their five aspirations – sustaining their people, business, brands, community and the planet – CLIF BAR® is a company that loves food. CLIF BAR® believes food provides health, joy, and energy to do the things we are passionate about.

For nearly a decade, CLIF BAR® has been a proud partner of Outdoor Afro. CLIF BAR® is excited to continue to grow its partnership this year with CLIF CORPS, an initiative where CLIF® Athletes donate their time and resources to support non-profits that make the spaces where we live and play more accessible and inclusive. Outdoor Afro is overjoyed to have professional tennis player and CLIF® Athlete Venus Williams join us in our network mission of celebrating and inspiring Black connections and leadership in nature. Watch as Venus and Outdoor Afro Founder and CEO Rue Mapp attend an Outdoor Afro experience in Miami, sharing their love of the outdoors at Virginia Key Beach. CLIF BAR® and Outdoor Afro believe people should feel proud to be who they are, wherever they are — on the court, trail, field, mat, or elsewhere.