Disney Conservation Fund

The Purpose

The Disney Conservation Fund is committed to saving wildlife and building a global community inspired to protect the magic of nature together. Since 1995, Disney Conservation has directed more than $120 million and the expertise of its dedicated teams to support organizations working with communities to save wildlife, inspire action, and protect the planet. Disney believes in the power within each of us to make a difference for wildlife and wild places. The fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations and communities working together on comprehensive conservation solutions and recognizes the inspiring heroes dedicated to ensuring a happier, healthier planet for all.

The Mission

Disney is focused on global efforts aimed at restoring imperiled habitats in areas important to its business. From forests in Indonesia, to watersheds in California, and coastal ecosystems in Florida among other projects, its grants are working to create a healthier planet for people, plants and wildlife to call home. Many animals make their homes on Disney properties around the world. Disney Conservation Team Wildlife works with organizations to study and support local wildlife populations. These efforts include everything from supporting pollinator habitats at Disney solar arrays to participating in species population surveys in dedicated conservation areas and ensuring housing for nesting purple martin birds that migrate every year between the United States and Brazil.