Outdoor Afro HQ

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Outdoor Afro’s staff spans the country. With backgrounds ranging from nonprofit, corporate, education, entertainment, agriculture, and finance sectors, our home office team’s unique expertise and experiences work together daily to keep network operations moving year-round.

Meet Outdoor Afro’s Team

Know the ones who collaborate on partnerships, in education, with programs, and across multimedia to change the narrative of who gets outdoors. Outdoor Afro is a love story with nature. The following team members help tell this story every day:


Rue Mapp
Chief Executive
Officer & Founder

Camille Rochester

Candace Dantes

Chaya Harris
National Program

Deborah Hayman
Executive Manager
to the CEO

Lauren Kelly
Outdoor Afro
Human Resources

Shivanni Maharaj
Development &
Grants Assistant