Outdoor Afro Inc.

Inc.’s Purpose

Outdoor Afro Inc. is a for-profit business and the design arm of national not-for-profit Outdoor Afro – both established by Founder and CEO Rue Mapp. Inc. celebrates and inspires Black community connections to the outdoors through product design, manufacturing, sales, and premium outdoor experiences. Coming online in 2021, Inc. co-created a hike collection with outdoor retailer REI Co-op that debuted September 2022. As part of the multi-year collection, Inc. and the co-op launched a second season of hike fits summer 2023 with a fresh color drop. Fits made to move with every body.


Revisiting her fashion and art background, Mapp formed the Inc. enterprise to solve the unmet needs and design barriers in outdoor industry gear and equipment. For the past decade, she noticed how fit, fashion, and functionality were missing features from the outdoor apparel market in her community, making it harder for more outdoor enthusiasts to find comfortable clothing without compromising style. This technical hike apparel developed with insights from the Black community. Together, Inc. and the co-op acknowledged that better designs, colors, and materials go a long way with helping everyone feel more like themselves outside. 


Photos by Meron Menghistab (@meron_photo)