The North Face

About The North Face

Named for the most challenging side of the mountain, The North Face has equipped explorers since 1966 to reach their dreams. Driven by the mantra of Never Stop Exploring™, The North Face’s expeditions inspire us to test the outer limits of performance and possibility. Since day one, The North Face has done business differently. From repurposing surplus Vietnam-era materials, to advocating for wilderness preservation, its choices are aimed at protecting the places that we love. The North Face’s gear has crossed hemispheres and cultures, becoming a symbol on trails, sidewalks and the highest places on earth. Wherever it shows up, its iconic Half Dome logo is a reminder to celebrate where you’ve been and get inspired by what lies ahead. 


Outdoor Afro x The North Face

The North Face launched the Explore Fund at the 2010 Outdoor Nation Youth Summit in New York City. A grant-giving program with an initial base of $250,000 (increased to $500,000 in 2015), the money supports nonprofit organizations seeking to create a deeper connection between people and nature. Outdoor Afro became a recipient of The North Face’s 2021 Explore Fund grant. The grant is designed to help create access and drive equity in the outdoors by funding hundreds of nonprofit organizations around two themes: Enabling Exploration and Loving Wild Places.