5 Last Minute (and Cheap) Outdoor Labor Day Holiday Ideas

Photo Courtesy of Mykl Roventine
Photo Courtesy of Mykl Roventine

1. Visit your local nature center. While several centers may be closed for the holiday, adjoining open spaces are usually available and tend to be very picnic friendly.
2. Potluck! Call up a few friends and make a backyard/balcony/rooftop party. Do an easy, fun theme, such as “Last Chance to Wear White” or create a soul food menu and play Al Green’s Greatest Hits the whole day. Don’t forget the cards and dominoes!
3. Take a scenic drive to someplace you’ve never been, such as a nature preserve, trail, or historic site, located within 50 miles of where you live. You might be delighted to discover a hidden gem in your own back yard.
4. Visit a train museum near you to learn some fascinating history and perhaps take a ride that’s fun for kids of all ages.
5. Do a “Day Camp”. Have all the fun for half the work. Pack a cooler,  blanket, awning or simple tent and head to the local park. Bring games, food, music, crafts, books, and beverages – then pack it all up by evening and head home!
What are you doing this Labor Day Weekend?