Outdoor Afro Shirt Collection

Wear it on the streets of America. Watch the comments and curiosities that follow with each outdoor adventure. Outdoor Afro’s popular shirt collection co-branded with partner Oaklandish is our fun nature fashion paying homage to our signature logo. When you make a purchase, know that you’re also supporting our charitable work and mission to celebrate and inspire Black connections and leadership in nature.


The Outdoor Afro logo has literally traveled from local neighborhoods to nationwide conferences. The White House to celebrity events. And a 2022 cruise across international waters with our Founder and CEO Rue Mapp to Antarctica. Purchasing our short-sleeve tee, long-sleeve tee, or hoodie through Oaklandish guarantees a comfy reminder of why Mapp established the now nature movement for Black people and Black communities.

“We recognized early that our community loves our logo, and wants to represent it loud and proud,” said Mapp. “Having a merch store is an accessible way for our community to continue to support our charitable work. Working with Oaklandish in the past, we’re even more excited to now embark on this new chapter of collaboration.”