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Across the Midwest, Northeast, South, and West, Outdoor Afro volunteer leaders guide their communities through intergenerational activities that help strengthen relationships and possibilities in the outdoors. No matter the location or terrain, volunteers learn their neighborhoods’ interests to create safe, diverse adventures for all age groups to enjoy. These outdoor experiences range from fishing, kayaking, backpacking, skiing, boating, gardening, biking, hiking, horseback riding, birding, and swimming.


lives east of the Rocky Mountains. Recognized for its plains (stretched grasslands), the region combines flatlands, uplands, mountains, streams, and thousands of natural and artificial lakes.


nestles between the Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean. The region houses hills, valleys, mountain ranges, lake life, and some of America’s major rivers and snowiest weather.


bridges rural, small town spaces with urban lifestyles. Traditionally identified for its farmland backdrops, this region also provides bayous, forests, mountains, and both inland and coastal waterways.


is known for its national parks and natural wonders. This region is home to boundless rainforests, mountains, valleys, plains, beaches, volcanoes, deserts, and public land.