The Team

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Outdoor Afro’s staff spans the country. With backgrounds ranging from nonprofit, corporate, education, entertainment, agriculture, and finance sectors, our home office team’s unique expertise and experiences work together daily to keep network operations moving year-round.

Rue Mapp
Founder & CEO

Deborah Hayman
Executive Manager to the CEO

Lisa Bourne
Executive Director

DD Johnice
Chief Program & Innovation Officer

Camille Rochester
Operations Director

Candace Dantes
Communications Director

Gina Wright
Program Strategy & Growth Manager

Lauren Kelly
People Operations & Human Resources

Shivanni Maharaj
Development & Grants Assistant

Our Guidance

Outdoor Afro continues to grow in community impact and numbers because of a talented team supported by you. Yes, you! Your investment in our national work is why our network is able to hire the best outdoor enthusiasts and professionals across the United States. All people of different walks of life who are dedicated to our mission of celebrating and inspiring Black connections and leadership in nature. Your generous contributions and time to Outdoor Afro also helps us invest in high-quality training of our volunteer leaders who guide outdoor activities in our local communities. More about the ones who make annual projects, campaigns and programs happen:

Dawn O’Neal, PhD

Tarik Moore

Trey Lord

Morgan McCray

Mike Brune

Melanie Strong

Maria Louise Hekker

Cristina Kinney

Christiane Maertens

Nik Dehejia

Shane Douglas

Ashley Williams