The Easter Egg Hunt

The blog below originally posted in April 2010 –  We hope you will enjoy time in nature and with family today as we will!
Not only is this time of year sacred to people of faith, it also represents a deliberate interaction with the outdoors in the form of a game: the egg hunt. This game represents an ancient “salute to Spring,” marking rebirth.
My own childhood was filled with such egg hunts, followed by church and a hearty soul food meal prepared by my mother and aunts. After getting the signal from the adults, my cousins and I would race and squeal after finding cooked and candy filled eggs on top of stones, under branches, or in tall grass. Now, it brings tremendous joy to continue this tradition with the children in my family.
Here is a picture of my favorite Outdoor Afro girl (my daughter) striking a pose with some pre-Easter candy after a hunt in our community courtyard.

How are you celebrating the Spring season?