Never Too Late to Discover the Outdoors


I had an amazing childhood, but did not know about a lot of opportunities that were available to me.

I met Karen last week at a local college event, and discovered we had some wonderful things in common, such as motherhood, blogging, and a passion for the outdoors. Karen shares with us how she discovered outdoor recreation, and what it means to her family today.
What experiences did you have as a youth that influence how you interact with natural spaces today?
As a kid, other than going to a local park to play, or playing in my own yard, I did not do a lot when it came to outdoor recreation. And as a young adult, my idea of working out was going to the local gym. Which is not a bad thing, but it can be limiting.
How did your relationship with the outdoors change as you grew older and why?

When I met my husband, he exposed me to a whole new world of outdoor recreation. We went hiking, skiing, swimming, camping, and saw amazing waterfalls and scenery on various trails. Our kids love these activities, and are now amazing soccer players that can out run me any day. They also really enjoy rock climbing at a local gym for kids and adults.
What are some favorite things you enjoy doing with your family?

Once a year, my family goes to Tahoe for long snow trip weekend. We go with a couple of friends and family. It is always such a blast! Lots of snow, sledding, food and fun.
What is on your bucket list?
I would really love taking a Zero-Gravity flight, where you can float like an astronaut  in space. That looks like a lot of fun!
Any final thoughts?
Yes! While growing up, I was not exposed to all the outdoor activities that are out there. I had an amazing childhood, but did not know about a lot of opportunities that were available to me. My kids have no idea how lucky they are to be able to do all the things they can do today. I never went on snow trips, stayed in cabins at Tahoe , went on hikes, or had a chance to experience rock climbing as a child. I think that people have to realize and be educated that it does not matter what race you are, or what culture you come from – any one can go out with family and friends and enjoy the out doors. It’s not just for one race of people or culture, anyone can enjoy it! Go skying, sky diving, swim with dolphins, go hiking in the mountains and look at amazing waterfalls. It is something that we can all enjoy and is more attainable than most people think.
Karen lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two daughters, ages 9 and 11.