Who Are You Anyway?

Chris-Tia Donaldson, Author

People always ask me who visits Outdoor Afro? Well, here is a snapshot of who Quantcast thinks you are (don’t ask how they come up with these numbers), although the data is actually pretty consistent with my own survey results from last year:

Compared to other websites, a significant number of you are African-American women making more than 100K/year, and grad school educated. Also according to the site, you are likely to enjoy topics such as travel, politics, sci-fi, fashion, and non-profits. Many of you have young children, but because of the older, core demographic, you are also likely to have children 17 and up,  and/or are influential in the life of a youth as an auntie or community leader.
I think you guys are a great catch, and I am so glad you help make up this inspired community!