Every Child Should…


Discover California’s Past

Splash in the water

Play in a safe place

Camp under the stars

Explore nature

Learn to swim

Play on a team

Follow a trail

Catch a fish

Celebrate their heritage

According to the California Roundtable on Recreation and Tourism, “Numerous studies document that children who do these things are healthier, do better in school, have better social skills and self-image, and lead more fulfilled lives.”
In 2011, please join Outdoor Afro in helping all children, no matter what state they live in and their adult caregivers, exercise these rights through activities such as camping, hiking, biking, birding, and other outdoor activities in both structured and unstructured ways.
Each month, Outdoor Afro will focus on a different aspect of these opportunities.  I encourage you to share your photos and videos that show how you connect with nature and community and can inspire others.
In what ways will you commit to helping a child in your life connect with the outdoors?