Barbados Bound: An Outdoor Afro Adventure in the Caribbean

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I’m excited about visiting Barbados. I’ve never been before, but I have experienced other Caribbean countries, and  know first hand how amazing the Caribbean is. For the novice outdoor recreationist and the seasoned outdoor lover, the Caribbean is equally compelling. Something about the weather, the scenery, the sounds and people that make me feel at home. The weather is simultaneously hot, sunny, humid, and rainy. The scenery is green, gold, orange,red, violet and blue – encompassing the beauty of the horizon, the water, the trees, the sand, and the sky. The sounds are beyond description: birds chirping, monkeys frolicking, frogs chorusing, wind blowing, waves of water lapping, and your heart beating to the rhythm of the local music. And the people, aaah! Visiting the Caribbean was the first time, I had truly felt completely sucked into a place and was culturally reborn. Finally, with people with ancestors hailing from the Old and New Worlds – it’s an island nation shaped by colonialism, servitude, displacement, and renewal, all at the same time.
Today, I go to Barbados to revel in its re-birth as a vacation destination of lovers and nature lovers.  Among many African-Americans, it is a rather well-known and visited romance destination.  I know several couples who have honeymooned, become engaged, or just enjoyed the private company of one another in this beautiful place.  And beautiful, it is.  For the nature lovers, Barbados offers a host of ways to fall in love:  Amazing sunrises, breath taking sunsets, miles of public beaches, water sports, snorkeling and marine life watching, bird watching, enjoying the fragrances of the wild flowers or falling asleep to the chorus if Whistling Frogs.  You’ll fall in love, no doubt.
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And thanks to the The Barbados Tourism Authority for sponsoring an Experiential Group Trip for USA Journalists, so Outdoor Afro can share this experience with you.
Outdoor Afro will be staying the Tamarind Hotel (apart of the Elegante Hotel Group).  It is a newly renovated hotel will amazing beach front views, three swimming pools, and maximum outdoor living space.
The itinerary includes up-close wildlife encounters – swimming with the turtles, a nature photography hike, learning to play dominoes the Bajan way, experiencing a polo exhibition, and plus the best of Barbados hospitality — food and drink.
Oh, yes! Of course, I’ve packed all of the essential gear for outdoor adventure and enjoyment: swim suit, flip flops, sneakers, sun hat, sun block, Polo clothes, shades, light rain jacket, and my camera and computer to share it all with you.
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