Outdoor Fun in Barbados: Fun at Sea!

Bathsheba Beachfront

The Barbados Tourism Authority took a group of US Journalists on an Experiential Tour of the beautiful island and we enjoyed the best of Bajan culture and activities, including Outodoor Fun at Sea! Barbados is a small island, 14 miles wide and 21 miles long; however, it has 60 miles of coastline giving you a number and variety of ways to enjoy Barbados’ top attraction – the seaside!

1. Beachside Activities
Beach combing and lounging are always in style. All of the fine white sand beaches are public so you’re sure to mix and mingle with tourists and residents alike. The friendly people are happy to greet you, share a conversation with you or invite you to join them in activity. Vendors are also common. If you are staying at a beachfront hotel, like I did at Hotel Tamarind along the West Coast, outdoor living space is also maximized: sun beds, chaise lounges, beach sofas made for two, and outdoor dining facilties. As lovely as the accommodations were, it was hard to stay inside with lovely views as these.

West Beach at Sunset

2. Water Sports
Sea water is naturally bouyant, so simply splashing and swimming around the roped off sections (for your safety) of the sea are always a hit. However, one must be mindful of the coral along the beach and on the ocean. Unlike the other Caribbean islands, Barbados is a coral island and not a volcanic one. Parts of the sea floor are stone and coral cover which is beautiful, but has been known to cut the skin if one isn’t careful. Included in the cost of rooms at Hotel Tamarind and the other Hotel Elegant properties is pre-paid water sport activities such as windsurfing, sunfish sailing, standup paddle surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. I gave standup paddleboarding a try. It was lots of fun but not as physically rigourous as I thought. The trick is to find your balance and just go with the waves. However, I fell a lot. It wasn’t traumatic at all. The water felt great and after blinking a million times to wash the salt out I was fine. I slid myself back on the paddle surf board (a modified surf board) and gave it a try one more try.
Stand up Paddle surf boarding

Me, giving Stand up Paddle board surfing another try

3. Deep Sea Leisure

Barbados sits in both the Caribbean sea and on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. The East coast is quite choppy each each year, the area known as Bathsheba hosts surfing competitions attracting folks from all over the globe. However, many of these beaches are not for general activity. However, boating and sailing are also popular on the island. Tiami Catamaran Cruises is a commericial tour that takes visitors out to swim with endangered Barbados sea turtles and snorkel over beautiful coral beds along south and western seas. The cruise itself was adventurous and offered spectacular views.

Donning a life jacket and snorkel gear with ME Whitford of the Brandman Agency (our host for the trip) and L Monitz of iExplore.

Barbados was a grand time.

Wet toes on the beach

Have you and your friends and families visited Barbados or the West Indies before? What are your favorite water-side memories from your Outdoor Afro Adventures?