Cleopatra Warren: Our 3000th Outdoor Afro Facebook Fan!

I was thrilled to see the Outdoor Afro facebook fan base cross the 3K mark this morning, as part of its steady and organic growth over these last two years. To commemorate the milestone, I asked our lucky 3000th fan to share more about herself, and what she cares about in the outdoors. She will also receive a REI Gift Certificate, courtesy of the REI store in Berkeley, California.

Name: Cleopatra Warren
Region: Atlanta, Georgia
Profession: Secondary Educator/Social Studies
M.A. Education, New York University New York,NY
B.A. Political Science, Morris Brown College Atlanta,GA
What she loves about the outdoors: Hiking and walking nature trails. The outdoors provides me with an opportunity to recharge and connect with nature. The North Georgia mountains have been one of my favorite places to visit since childhood.
Most important outdoor memory: I’ve had many wonderful opportunties to participate in educational and cultural travel around the globe, including Africa, Europe, South America, Caribbean and most of the U.S. Each summer, I make it a personal and professional goal to travel and connect with the outdoors.
Here is a photo from the summer of 2010, where I participated in an invitational think tank hosted by Expeditionary Learning and the Fund for Teachers at the UCROSS Foundation in Sheridan, Wyoming. The program was designed to engage 20 educators in a weeklong nature retreat, including hiking, walking and group activities to reflect on our instructional practices with respect to student impact from our travel experiences. It was one of the most remote and pristine places I have ever visited.
Why Cleopatra ‘Liked’ Outdoor Afro?: It is so refreshing to see a site dedicated to the broad cultural heritage of African Americans in the outdoors!
Outdoor Afro warmly welcomes Cleopatra!
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