Noticing Nature on the Fourth of July

So good, we had to repost! Happy Fourth!

No matter how people feel about the outdoors, almost everyone feels inspired to get outside for the Fourth of July to enjoy the company of family, friends, and a grilled meal leading inevitably to an evening polytechnics display.

While spending time under the sun and stars this holiday, I encourage you to also take the time to recognize the displays of nature around you: the song of a bird, summer foliage, stars in the night sky, wind rustling through trees, the texture of cool grass, and warm sand between your toes.

To help promote connectedness to land and family in new ways, you can try activities such as using elements of nature to create an outdoor art project, encouraging elders to share their stories of time growing up in a nature, or making up outdoor scavenger hunts for both kids and adults. Deliberately noticing nature within your festivities creates an opportunity to uncover a new awareness that can bring forth a deeper appreciation of the surrounding natural world.

How might you make nature a part of your celebratory weekend?

Happy Fourth of July!