The Center for Whole Communities

July 2011, Session One Fellows:

This month I had the good fortune to engage with leaders in sustainability from around the country with the Center for Whole Communities at Knoll Farm, located above the Mad River Valley in Vermont. Over the course of a week, under the leadership of facilitators Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, Matt Kolan, and Carolyn Finney, we visioned sustainability and collaboration in our work to inspire social change.
As a land-based leadership development organization, the Center for Whole Communities brings together leaders of different race, class, profession and ideology to find shared purpose and renew their collective strength.
The fellowship is designed to innovative and invite responses from different sectors of the environmental and social movements to address the complexity of today’s challenges, such as the fragmentation that exists in American society around politics, race, class and privilege.
I remain grateful for a gift I am still unpacking that has already infused my work with greater clarity and inspiration.
Thank you Center for Whole Communities for such a rich and powerful experience.