Follow Our Upcoming RV Trip to the California Coast!

Our next RV trip will be October 21-23 in Big Sur California!

Following our last Outdoor Afro RV trailer trip to the Sierras this summer, we have been thrilled and grateful for the positive responses from the RV community, and many news outlets that are helping spread the word that African Americans do love the outdoors, and inspiring people to get involved!
For instance, as the result of one recently published article, I received a Saturday morning telephone call from an elderly Atlanta woman who got my number from the print version of the article. She owned a trailer, and asked if I had any advice about how she could find other African Americans RVers. Since her husband passed away, she yearned to camp, yet needed support.  While on the phone with her, I did a quick web scan and was able to put her in touch with a regional coordinator from the National African American RVers Association right in her hometown. She was thrilled! I so valued my leisurely chat with her;  learning about her love for nature, and glad to connect her to a relevant resource.
These are the kinds of real-time, authentic connections we hope to facilitate through Outdoor Afro — helping camping, and a general enjoyment of nature, be more accessible and relevant to the lives of all Americans.
So on Friday, October 21st, my family will ease on down  Highway 1, explore the coast, and camp two nights at Big Sur Campground and Cabins that will serve as our base camp as we explore the many hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic coastline in the Big Sur area. I also hope to explore some of the local African American history of the area.

Of course, we will videotape, tweet and blog about the trip so Outdoor Afros everywhere can follow along and share in my family’s experiences as we explore the splendor of the outdoors!
I want to acknowledge and thank Camp CaliforniaBig Sur Campground and Cabins, and El Monte RV, who are each generously co-sponsoring and promoting this trip! – You Rock!