Outdoor Afros Hike Angel Island, CA


Outdoor Afros had a blast last weekend at one of our largest meetups: Hike Angel Island! Hosted by Outdoor Afro  Sela Steiger and led by Cliff Sorrell of Trekking for Life, the route ventured around the South Western part of the island, stopping at different sites of historical and cultural relevance.

Among them was the Chapel of Saint Marie at Camp Reynolds, significant for employing African American chaplain Lt. Colonel Allen Allensworth. An interesting figure in California Military history, Allensworth retired from the Army as the highest ranking African American officer in 1906.

Twenty five attendees of Hike Angel Island enjoyed extraordinary views and vantages, a fun ferry ride, and lots of interesting facts about the island and its many uses, past and present. Hikers were also blessed with excellent walking weather-warm and sunny with a nice ocean breeze!