A Week on Venice Beach

By Outdoor Afro Contributor Reginald James
Well, I didn’t really “spend about a week on Venice Beach,” but I always liked that line from Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back to Cali.” For me, Venice Beach has always been something of television and Hollywood fame.

But I’ve always been someone who wanted to see things for themselves.

Along with my friend Mary Moran, a Los Angeles native who recently returned to Southern California after going to college in the Bay Area, I went to visit this famed beach.

There is a long pier with scopes that offer views alongside the beach. The beach offers areas for surfing or swimming. Since this trip wasn’t planned, I hadn’t brought swimming shorts or a towel. So I just rolled up my shorts and walked into the water.

The water sparkled in the sunlight. I enjoyed the Pacific Ocean waves crashing against land.

Although my trip was short, I will definitely visit this beach again. Maybe I’ll be one of those buff guys you see lifting weights on Venice Beach.
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