Our Point Pinole Hike Was Dynamite!

Guest Blog Submission and photos by Outdoor Afro Leader, Cliff Sorrell of a recent trip lead in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Outdoor Afros recently took on Point Pinole Regional Shoreline in Richmond, CA – it was such a great time! About thirty-five people of all ages and from all over the Bay Area came together to hike, learn the history of Point Pinole, and identify local birds with the help of Golden Gate Audubon volunteer docents.

The hike was approximately 4 miles in length with some gentle slopes. The trail had great views of the inner Bay Area along the shoreline. Along the trail, I was able to point out the different biomes: a vernal pool, salt water marsh, and Oak tree savannah, and share how each biome contains their unique plants and wild life that create their own food chain.
But the history of Point Pinole is very intriguing with regards to its previous land use. Point Pinole is the final home of Giant Powder Company. All along the hiking trails in several locations, were ruins of dynamite bomb shelters and sites of explosives testing.

The most interesting fact is that the Giant Powder Company was founded by Alfred Nobel; the father of the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation. Alfred was determined to stabilize and commodify the use of the dynamite stick, and many died in this effort. He, too, died December 10, 1896, following a severe stroke.  Not to be remembered as someone who profited from the development of violent tools capable of death and injury, Alfred left a will with instructions after his death to create an award to recognize new ingenuity for the benefit of mankind – the Nobel Peace Prize.  Learn more about Point Pinole by clicking here.
Looking forward to our next Outdoor Afro adventure! Thanks to Golden Gate Audubon and Toyota Audubon Together Green for your support of our adventures!