A Sunday Spring Surf

So glad to spend time once again with my former co-worker and dear friend Manav Thapar to help re-connect my 9 year old son Billy Hunter to the art and fun of surfing!
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I knew Billy Hunter (the deepest sleeper of my brood) was excited when he bounced out of bed early with, “Come one mommy, get up! Today I am surfing remember?”
We could not believe it had been over a year since our last visit to the town of Pacifica, which is only about 30 miles south west of Oakland, 20130317-215701.jpgwhere we live. I always shake my head when I remember how close such natural beauty is all around us, but in the flow of daily routine, it can seem so far away.
I actually came to the beach with intentions to work. I brought my laptop and portable wi-fi with me along with the stress of looming deadlines, but as soon as I took in the expanse of the ocean; its sound and sights beyond the bobbing waves under the surfers, I had to stop and simply be present to the joy my son was feeling. I mused that I probably should have been out in the water myself.
The water was predictably cold for Northern California, but after almost two hours of the exhilaration from catching and loosing the wave, Billy Hunter decided with chattering teeth it was time to stop, but just for now.
Thank you Nor Cal surf shop for such great equipment support, and especially Manav Thapar, my friend, for your generosity of time, expertise, and resources that leave no doubt of the difference it will make in the life of my child, and his relationship to nature. Next time, I will join in the fun!

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