John Griffith Can Bust a Move – For Nature

A video of our friend John Griffith of the California Conservation Corp’s has gone viral! Check it out!

Yep, John can pop and lock – yet importantly exude a genuine connection and close rapport with Outdoor Afro corps workers Antwon McCoy and Leonard Patton in his workforce development program.  
Check out the salmon habitat restoration these amazing people have been up to, and how they are connecting with the mission of the Outdoor Afro community, thanks to John!
As I have gotten to know John and his work, I find him on the cutting edge of a growing number of environmental educators who understand the social and cultural relevance needed to inspire more people to connect to the environment and develop fulfilling career opportunities.
Beyond the video, I encourage you to explore John’s other contributions that demonstrate his deep commitment to youth and the environment. As an author, he has written a children’s book, Totem Magic: Going MAD that combines nature and fantasy told through a multicultural lens. John is also an insightful blogger, and his recent blog re-tells a heart tugging account of what happens when a young person sees a beach for the first time as a corps member.
We applaud and adore John, not only for breaking down a dance move, but for also breaking down barriers between people and our environment! Go John Go!
Tamia, Akiima, John, and daughter of Outdoor Afro in Oakland 2012