Vintage Spring Beauties

Written By OutdoorAfro

Published on Apr 1, 2013

Simply outside

Jul. 26, 1940: Street Shower Hagerstown, Md. |© Charles W. Cushman|

Lately, I have come upon many collections of photos online of black people, especially youth, connecting to nature in a variety of ways. Some images are sent to me by members of the OA community, and others I have found after researching image sources. There are just so many examples that share an historic visual narrative of organic connections to nature, now rarely seen in popular culture today.
Here is my new favorite above of children at play. Note the five kids to the right burying themselves in mud! These children are not a part of a program, and there is no adult in sight. They are simply outside.
What family images in nature do you have from long ago? What do these image mean to you?