Nature in Two Ways: Both Right

We just came back from Outdoor Retailer, the largest outdoor lifestyle show of its kind in the country where leaders discussed how the industry might welcome people who are both “outdoorsy”, and “outsidey” This message rings true to our work that always strives to share the wide range of black connections to nature.


In our Facebook feed today, the range could not be clearer between the two images above: one of friend and poet Camille Dungy with her family hiking for a good cause; the other of several friends enjoying their local park. Both events located in the San Francisco Bay Area within 25 miles of each other.
Which is the more “valid” way to engage with nature? one might ask, or quietly pick a preference between the two images.
Of course, we won’t answer that question, but instead welcome you to share what feels right for you. Are you an outdoorsy or outsidey Outdoor Afro? Does it matter?