Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep

This is our friend Chad Brown, and we adore all he does.
Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep from Soul River on Vimeo.
Soul River challenges traditional media by embracing the unconventional with their production of Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep. Created and written by creative director Chad Brown, Conservation captures modern urban mythology with the message of consciousness and awareness of responsibility we have as urban dwellers and environmental protectors.
This short film mixes art, mythology, music, and poetry to provide a fresh perspective through the personal lens of environmental justice and the outdoors inspired by the sport fly fishing. In this film, a young man goes through his life in the city and morphs with his consciousness by the guidance of a Naiad. Conservation provides a breath of fresh air from a young, urban, and hip approach and inspires our consciousness to run deep and become ambassadors of the outdoors.
Sponsored by: Oakley, SIMMS, The Freshwater Trust, Northwestern Exposure, Hatch Outdoors, Korkers, Sierra Club, Groundwork Portland, Airflo