Beach Biking and Dancing

Who says you need to camp to enjoy nature?

Denene Millner, an Atlanta based mom, wife, and author is a long-time sister blog comrade of ours. Her posts this weekend from Kiawah Island via a Residence Inn stay were so inspiring, we could not resist sharing them with the Outdoor Afro fam!

Denene shares:
We’re at Kiawah Island, on the coast of South Carolina. We are landlocked in Atlanta, so we always look forward to getaways to the beach, specifically the coast of South Carolina and Georgia, where we African Americans have such an incredible history. We knew we wanted to take in all of what nature has to offer on this beautiful island. More specifically, we wanted to ride bikes on the beach. So we did just that. The sun was high, the ocean was spirited, the sand was cool and we were one with her. Nature. We shouted. We ran. We laughed. We danced. We raced with the wind. And we loved every moment, knowing that right there on that sacred land, where our ancestors toiled and paid the heavy price, it was our duty to be… free.
Praise Dance For the Waters (aka Twerking on the Beach). #rifamily — at Kiawah Beachwalker Park. 10310626_10152831289085682_5021771099707135390_n 1460006_10152831308000682_2222861999963553811_n

Thank you Denene for sharing a slice of your vacation and fun with us!