Rejoice and Venture Outdoors with the 2015 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team!

Rejoice and Venture Outdoors with the 2015 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team!

Outdoor Artists, Wilderness Yogis, and Life Aquatics Unite to Build Community and Reconnect Black People to Nature

Outdoor Afro is so proud to announce the selection of our fourth Leadership Team. After receiving more than 50 applications from across the country, we’ve chosen a diverse group of 18 leaders from 13 states to bring our team to 30! This 2015 class will enrich our team and the lives of Outdoor Afros all over the U.S. with their experiences in foraging, snowboarding, farming, “creek stomping,” tree hugging, National Park fandom, stargazing and leading outdoor yoga exercises.

Last year, Outdoor Afro’s 15-member leadership got outdoors and built community with 3,000 Black people around the country. In 2015, with increased representation in Southwest, Northeast, Pacific Northwest and Southern United States, we anticipate re-connecting even more African Americans with nature.
As outdoor enthusiasts, community organizers, and health and wellness advocates, these leaders will continue the success of the previous three classes of Outdoor Afro Leadership. Each Leader will create and guide monthly trips, leverage social media and collaborate with local, relevant environmental organizations to deepen connections with the outdoors.
We deeply invest in our leaders through our annual in person training. In April, our team will gather at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia to deepen relationships with each other and build on existing expertise.
Leaders will affirm Outdoor Afro values through a curriculum that includes trip planning, the health impacts of nature, conservation ethics, risk management, and effective social media engagement. Moreover, leaders will strategize with leading outdoor industry brands, such as REI, KEEN Footwear, Klean Kanteen, Sierra ClubNational Wildlife Federation – California, The Kapor Center for Social Impact, Campion Foundation – and more!

Now Presenting the 2015 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team:


Name of OALT Leader

Areas of Expertise


Atlanta, GA

Tamara Johnson

Wildlife Biologist, Aquatic Surveyor,  Tree Hugger



Stefan Moss

Professor, Environmental Educator, Father, Caribbean Barbecuer, Second Year Returning Leader



Wandi Steward

Business Development Manager, Kayaker, Mountain Biker



Bay Area, CA

Clayton Anderson

Nature Nerd, Backpacker, Ecologist, Fourth Year Returning Leader



Zoë Polk

Outdoor Afro Leadership Director, Attorney, Swimmer, Fourth Year Returning Leader



Cliff Sorrell

Architect, Map and Compass Expert, Father, Fourth Year Returning Leader



Nina Thiebert

College Student, Bike Rider, Tidepooler


Baltimore, MD

Brittany Leavitt

Interactive Teacher, Photographer, Yogi


Santa Cruz, CA

Valerie Miranda

Art Entrepreneur, Hiker, Beginning Forager, Mother



Viva Yeboah

Accountant, Auditor, Outdoor Inspirationalist, Fourth Year Returning Leader


Charleston, South Carolina

Adrienne Troy-Frazier

Executive Director, Kayaker, Ocean Enthusiast


Durham, NC

Beky Branagan

Girl Scout leader, Environmental Educator, Outdoor Cuisine Expert, Fourth Year Returning Leader

beky joy in leadership


Chris Clarke

Animal Scientist, Father, Fisherman


Gary, Indiana

Yolanda Crocker-Bradley

Licensed Practical Nurse, Mother, Runner, Yogi


Los Angeles, CA

Vicki Allen

Higher Education Professional, National Park Enthusiast, Camper


Louisville, KY

SteVon Edwards

Community Health Specialist, Adventure Seeker, Second Year Outdoor Afro Leader


Minneapolis, MN

Josh Garubanda

Paramedic, REI Outdoor School Educator, Kayaker, Canoer, Second Year Outdoor Afro Leader


Newark, New Jersey

Kelly Thomas

Theatre Artist, Cultural Organizer, Educator


New York City

Allison Guess

PhD student focusing on critical black geography, Urban Guerilla Gardener, African-diasporic dancer


Phoenix, AZ

Angela Fears

Tai Chi & BreathWork Facilitator,   Wellness Coach,   Wilderness Yogi


Portland, Oregon

Pamela Slaughter

Investigator, Enthusiastic Hiker, Nature Walker Mother


Richmond, VA

Deirdre Bryant

Community Health Professional, Kayaker, Hiker, Mother, Second Year Outdoor Afro Leader


Tahoma, Washington

Paulette Peterson

Outreach Director, Gardener, Plant Identifier, Mother


Seattle, Washington

Matt Reese

Real Estate appraiser, S

nowboarder, Father, Second Year Outdoor Afro Leader


St. Louis, MO

Duane Williams

Network Adminstrator, Hiker, Rocks his own Afro


Washington DC

Tavia Benjamin

Program Coordinator, Farm and Garden Educator, Creek Stomper



Yvonne Jones

Early & Middle Childhood Specialist, Girl Scout Troop Leader, Camping Enthusiast



Autumn Saxton-Ross

Program Director for the Joint Center’s Health Policy Institute, Green Space Advocate, Mother, Kansas City Sports Fan, Second Year Outdoor Afro Leader



Charles Taylor

Health Educator , Outdoor Recreational Enthusiast, Snowboarder



Akisha Mackritis

Literacy Teacher, Gardener, Mother


We are truly uplifted by all of enthusiasm you showed  for the recruitment of 2015 Outdoor Afro Leadership Team and appreciate all the ways that you have engaged with us. We can’t wait to share in adventure and community with you

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