Our Statement Regarding the National Monuments & Antiquities Act

Bears Ears
Bears Ears – Photo: Utah Public Radio

President Obama made land conservation a priority under his administration and, in the process, educated millions about the importance of preserving wilderness. His stewardship was part of a long legacy of African Americans who have loved, cared for and protected American soil.
To that end, leaders of the Outdoor Industry, including our CEO and Founder, Rue Mapp, spent time in Washington D.C. last week speaking to congress and the administration around the importance of protecting your public lands.
As many of you have heard, the current administration recently signed an executive order calling for a review of about 30 national monuments over 100,000 acres since 1996.
We want our community to be informed and empowered advocates to protect public lands with policymakers in Washington D.C., as well as in their states, counties, cities, and towns.
We also wanted to take a moment and share with you what we believe as it relates to our public lands:

  • We encourage national, regional & local leaders to protect America’s public lands & waters, including recreational opportunities & the jobs they support.
  • We defend the protection of sacred public lands and the communities that depend on them.
  • We recognize the need to protect wildlife and their habitats as part of a healthy human ecosystem, while also supporting lawful and sustainable hunting and fishing practices.

We encourage you to learn more about this by checking out these resources:

Finally, take a minute and watch this video by our partner, REI
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