Lifting as We Climb – #OAClimbsKili

By Tarik Moore
The time to our Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition in Tanzania is winding down pretty quickly. I am very excited about this expedition. It will be my first time traveling to the continent of Africa and my first multi-day climbing expedition as well. I am looking forward to the journey with people who look like me and share the same passion that I have with the outdoors.

I am going to Africa to inspire people who look like me to enjoy nature and to help show them that that we have the right, as much as anyone else ,to enjoy public spaces.I am so lucky to be part of Outdoor Afro, which helps provide the confidence and knowledge to not only get outdoors, but to enjoy it.
I am going to Tanzania to inspire people that grew up like me and experienced the same things as me. To try and focus on experiencing more that the world has to offer.
I am going to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to  share my experiences with my Philly hometown family and friends and be a role model for them. It’s critical for the youth to see a non-celebrity come back and share your experiences with them honestly and open. There is more in life to aspire to other than an entertainer or sports star, which can be unattainable for most people.
I am going because I want my community to be in arms reach of someone who can provide a little bit of inspiration. By going on this expedition, I want to give a small glimpse into experiencing another culture and that, “Yes! African Americans do enjoy nature in many ways.”

Growing up, it was very inspiring and exciting for me to participate in assemblies with guest speakers from the community. It really helped me get a small glimpse into the outside world. I can still remember specific times when High School football alumni visited practice to talk about life or when some business men and women visited us from local brokerage firms to talk about the world of finance. It inspired me to set goals for myself and to take advantage of experiencing life. We only have this one life to live. I want to be one of those role models.

I can also remember, while in college, participating in the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA). Their motto is “Lifting as we climb”. This motto couldn’t be more apropos to this current expedition. This expedition does not end after we come down the mountain. It’s going to continue on lifting up our communities, as Outdoor Afro leaders, by continuing to give back and inspire others.

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