Hey Youth! Join the Outdoor Nation Summer Summit Series!

From the Outdoor Nation Website:


The Youth Summit is a 3-day event with 249 of your peers (give or take) so that we can find solutions to the challenges that are keeping people indoors. And, work with us on a project that you help design.


YOU! You can be a summit delegate if:

  • You really want to change the world so that everyone has the chance to GTFO
  • You are between the ages of 18* and 28
  • Your application is chosen by our esteemed committee

* If you are under 18, consider yourself exceptionally mature and will hold your breath until we let you apply, email Ivan Levin directly at [email protected].


Because the best person to make a change for this generation is YOU… and we finally have our own program, the power to set our own agenda and WE CAN make things happen with your help.


Day one: We adapt and reprioritze the Rights and Responsibilites declaration from the National Congress, vote on the top outdoor issues in our region, brainstorm solutions to the top issues, and vote on which solutions to fund with grant money. We’ll use the real-time key pad voting system from last year to see instantaneous voting results. Boom!
Day two: We GTFO. With our national partner America’s State Parks, we’ll set up a massive chill and play outdoors experience in each Summit city. We’re calling it Summer Fun Day. We’ll even invite the public to come hang out with us. Expect everything from rock climbing walls to kayaking, biking and hiking as well as music and entertainment. Seriously,you DON’T want to miss this…
Day thre: We go to the plan. This is the day we give you the training and tools you need to carry out the action plan from day one. By the end of day three, you’re a fully-fledged crusader for the outdoors.
Uhm yeah, you’ll leave the Summit with a lot more than just a pat on the back!

How Much

Fuh-Ree! AND thanks to our freaking awesome sponsors, food and lodging are totally paid for. All you have to do is apply, and get there! Road trip!!


We’ve got options. Choose the location nearest to you so that you can make change in your community.
Visit the Outdoor Nation page to get on board!