The Ghetto Plainsman Comes to California!

Meet Jarid Manos, Green Leader, Vegan Athlete, Youth Worker, Health Advocate, Father…

Jarid is headed to the San Francisco Bay Area in a few days to read from his first book,  Ghetto Plainsman.   Jarid Manos is Founder and Chief Executive  Officer of Great Plains Restoration Council, which is headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Gritty, raw and spiritual, Ghetto Plainsman chronicles one man’s triumph over humiliation, self-defeat, anger and violence by taking us on a chaotic  journey between urban survival  and the life or death struggles of ravaged American Great Plains. Beautifully written, infused with a raw realism and an epilogue of practical solutions, Ghetto Plainsman is the searing journey of one of the Green Movements most original voices at a time  when the world is in crisis and into ecological collapse.
Check him out!
Books Inc. in Alameda
1344 Park Street
Alameda,  California 94501